Welcome! I’m Nikki ˶ᵔ ᵕ ᵔ˶

This is my corner of the web — a public workbench, if you will, for what I’m up to and ideas I'm exploring.

In a few words, I care deeply about the intersections of care, culture, and technology. Currently, I study psychology at the University of the Philippines.

When I’m not in class, training, reading, writing, or wandering, I practice as one half of Studio Bisita. We co-create websites with nonprofits and NGOs, situated in an ecosystem of Filipinos advancing the web as a tool for tangible change.

I hope this site can be a vessel for my evolving identity: less of a portfolio or showcase of finished work, and more of a messy workshop, letting you in on the behind-the-scenes of how I’m growing a designer and researcher.

Expect more pages to be up soon! To reach out, I’m most active on Instagram and Are.na. But I check emails too.